The NOERC Method to Reading an OCT

    • CE credits 1 hours
    • COPE code 89586-GO / 127757
    • Available until Feb 2, 2027


Learning Objectives

  • To review relevant retinal anatomy
  • To introduce you to the NOERC Method
  • Case Reviews
  • OCTA Introduction

Course Description

In this video-based course the learner will review a one-hour presentation by Dr. Sanjay Sharma. The following topics are discussed during the presentation:

  • A brief lesson in retinal anatomy and function
  • How the layers of the retina appear on an OCT
  • The terminology and appearance of disease pathologies on OCT
  • The NOERC Method for initially reading an OCT image
  • How to follow the NOERC Method with OCT landmarking, and reading the three deep lines.
  • An examination and diagnosis of multiple example cases of retinal disease; with each case containing multiple diagnostic images (OCT, OCTA, fundus, angiography).

Quick Question

In this video course we will review this OCT (at 36:50) and discuss some of the details of the case.

Before moving on to the video, take a moment to examine the OCT and choose your diagnosis below. The patient had previously undergone cataract surgery.

  • Wet AMD
  • Adult vitelliform foveal macular dystrophy
  • Cystoid macular edema

    Note the cystic fluid in the inner nuclear layer and the junction of the outer plexiform layer and outer nuclear layer (marked A). You can also see sub-retinal fluid (marked B). Watch the video for the differential diagnosis.

  • Pigment epithelium detachment

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