A 56-year-old presents with blurred vision. Why?

Tip #258


TThe OCT is significant thickening with focal areas of intraretinal fluid. There is a central area of a micro aneurysm which appears as a hyper reflective rim. In the outer nuclear layer, there are numerous areas of hyperreflectivity. This corresponded to exudate (video).

The patient was diagnosed with a diabetic macular edema.

In this tip's accompanying 8 min. video, we'll:

  • Learn the 4:2:1 rule
  • How anti-VEGF treatment is disease-modifying
  • Lesions that present with hyperreflectivity in the deeper retina
Tip #253 Analysis


In a patient has a lesion with a hyper-reflective rim with a central hypo reflectivity, diabetes must be ruled out.

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