This patient presented worsening burning and foreign body sensation (FBS). Why?

Cornea Coach #20


Here for the most part the eye is relatively healthy looking. The light reflex is sharp, and there is no evidence of a ciliary flush. There is, however, mild conjunctival injection (bulbar) and mild injection at the posterior portion of the lid margin.

This patient has posterior blepharitis.

In this 13-minute video featuring Dr. Christopher Rapuano, Director of Cornea Service at Wills Eye Hospital and professor at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, we'll review:

  • The differential diagnosis of a patient presenting with mild burning and foreign body sensation
  • Anterior versus posterior blepharitis
  • The management of blepharitis
Cornea Coach #20 Analysis

Clinical Tip

In a patient who presents with ocular irritation and foreign body sensation who has little in the way of clinical signs, always consider posterior blepharitis.

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