Why did this patient have a painful eye on and off for 20 years?

Cornea Coach #19


After taking a history, the patient states that the episodes started after getting a fingernail injury to the eye. The symptoms frequently occur upon awakening. Here there is evidence of a vertically oriented epithelial break. There is significant uptake of the fluorescein dye.

This patient has recurrent corneal epithelial erosion.

In this 15-minute video featuring Dr. Christopher Rapuano, Director of Cornea Service at Wills Eye Hospital and professor at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, we'll review:

  • When to suspect corneal erosion
  • Medical management of corneal erosion
  • Surgical treatment of corneal erosion
Cornea Coach #19 Analysis

Clinical Tip

In a patient with an epithelial defect, ask if there is a past history of a mechanical injury.

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